So What have something to say. Whether it's anger at hypocritical political leadership (War Monkey) or the intensity of bereavement of a soul mate (Silent Tears), their message is loud and clear and they proud to share it. So What - Shu Wo "Mine". Theirs. Hearts on sleeves.

Evolving from the three regular-gigging local pop'n rock combos, this line up features Shirley Choi on bass, keyboards and sometime kutsang, Jan Lee sings, also she's a dab on the erhu, violin and guitar...and Rani: She bangs the gong. These girls are independent.

Influences: "anything with a good tune really" says Shirley. Pushed for specifics, we are told Mozart, Chopin and Coldplay, U2, Nat King Cole, Depeche Mode and Sting. Get it on.... Next up it's Jan with, Joni Mitchell, Kate Bush, Suzanne Vega, Stevie Wonder, Sinead O'Connor and again U2. Rani? Beyond, Queen, Chick Corea, Dave Weckl and Peter Erskine.

"Make sure the bio makes clear we are unique". OK.....So What are from Hong Kong, but uniquely they're not Canto-pop - the = music is a unique fusion of Chinese rock and Western pop. The goal is not to be cutesy pop starlets, they simply want to share their music and message "It's social awareness, the importance of doing what you love and of course, rock and roll!" Image and substance, quite unique, in fact.

So What will follow up with a new song and music video whenever they have something to say. And a few things to say, they have.